Josh Abrams

Manhattan Community Liaison


My name is Josh Abrams, I am a recent graduate of the University at Buffalo with a Bachelor's Degree in the Art of Communication. After graduating, I knew I wanted to get into an industry that benefits people. When I was younger I would go to work with my father, who is in the Healthcare Industry, and I was always able to see the satisfaction he gets when he helps people. But most importantly, I saw how grateful and pleased the individuals were when they received the proper care and attention.

Healthcare is not luxury, every person needs it and should be able to receive proper care and guidance when necessary. During the interview process, when I first met the summit team, it was clear the values I have towards quality of care is shared and important at Summit Home Health Care.

Choosing to be a professional in the Healthcare industry and working at Summit has given me great satisfaction. I really enjoy being part of the Summit family. I Trust Summit, why shouldn't you?