Personal and Respite Care

Personal and Respite Care

Personal and Respite Care in the Comfort of Your Own Home

Home Care agencies are licensed businesses that hire and employ caregivers and send them to your home to provide supervised care. Caregivers are extensively screened and checked before we allow them to provide services in your home.

Home care is the best option if you need assistance in order to stay safely at home. Whether you need care for just a few hours a week or your needs are so extensive that you need a full-time caregiver, personal home care is the right solution. Our caregivers help with everyday activities like bathing or dressing, meal preparation, assistance with your medications, and other tasks you may need assistance with.

Home care can be the key to an improved quality of life. Home care offers personalized care, tailored to fit your needs and provided in the comfort of your own home. You will be able to maintain your independence while receiving care coordinated by our home care agency.

Specialized Care Services in NYC

Assistance with Everyday Activities/h3>

Home care services are not limited to seniors. Individuals of any age with disabilities or chronic care needs can benefit from home care. Adults with special needs are able to maintain their level of independence and be treated with dignity and respect. With the help of our trained aides, families of developmentally disabled adults or children have peace of mind because they know their loved ones are cared for properly.

Care of Developmentally Disabled Adults and Children/h3>

Our Home Health Aides and Personal Care Aides help you with your daily routine such as bathing, dressing, eating, toileting and walking around. They also provide medication reminders and can help you manage your medication routine.

Case Management/h3>

It is often difficult to go to a physician’s office for routine check-ins. We help with the coordination of services with your healthcare providers and focus on addressing social and cultural barriers. We believe that care should be easy to get whenever it is needed and are committed to helping our patients connect to the healthcare providers on a routine basis.

Home Care Offers Hope to Individuals Who Need help With Their Personal Care

Finding the right caregiver can make the difference in one’s quality of life. Once a decision is made to look for a caregiver, the matching process begins. In choosing the best caregiver, we look at the unique cultural and social needs of the patient, as well as the physical care needed by the individual. Our caregivers are experienced in caring for individuals of any age with a wide range of care needs. And most of our caregivers speak a second language and respect your individual preferences.

Independence and Comfort/h3>

Most people like the independence that home care offers, since they want to recover in the comfort and security of their own home. At Summit, we understand that we are guests in your home and we respect your privacy, independence and your cultural needs and preferences.

Quality of Care

Our caregivers offer one-on-one individualized care and attention in the home. This level of care cannot be provided in a hospital or nursing home, where one aide is responsible for several patients at the same time. In addition, family members can more easily monitor the care provided by the aide, as they have more control over the care being provided.

Flexibility and Customized to Individual Needs

Home care services are flexible and provide the family with better control of the caregiver. The care is tailored to fit the specific needs of the individual and family. Instead of adjusting to the schedules and routines of a facility, the care plan is customized to the family’s individual needs and specifications

Respite Care

Family members caring for their loved ones may need some time off, either for a special occasion or simply to recharge. Knowing that a responsible and knowledgeable caregiver is assuming responsibility for the care is reassuring and makes the break possible.

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