How We Are Different

It starts with our caregivers. Our very rigorous initial screening process currently only accepts roughly 5 out of 30 people who apply. Those who pass the initial screening process are subject to additional screenings to ensure that the caregiver coming to your home is reliable healthy and honest. Our screening process consist of, but is not limited to the following:

-Exhaustive background checks
-Fingerprinting and criminal background checks.
-Previous employment verification and reference checks.
-Healthy verification and screening.

As part of their Summit Select training, all applicants must pass a comprehensive competency test that includes a home health caregiver skills assessment. In addition, each Summit Select caregiver recieves intensive interpersonal communication skills training. If you have special needs, your caregiver will receive special traing to ensure that your unique needs are met. Our goal is to hire only caregivers that can truly be considered a member of your family.

It’s About Trust

All Summit Select caregivers are bonded and insured. This is an addittional guarantee that the person is coming into your home is someone you and your family can trust. Once care has begun, our supervisors also make random visits to ensure that the client is happy with the service being provided by the caregiver, and that the caregiver is living up to Summit Selects high standards.

It’s About Caring

Summit Selects caregivers are dedicated in-home health care professionals who strive to provide the best possible care to our clients every single day. Our requirement is for each client to receive outstanding and memorable service. We don't expect less and neither would you.

We are very proud to have served the New York City area with expert home care service since 2006, and we know that what worked successfully yesterday will be continually updated to accommodate the changing world in which we live. We assure you that whether it is by means of listening to feedback from our clientele or by implementing proven technology into our care plans, Summit Select will always look to tomorrow and improve upon our standard of excellence.

If you are looking for senior care in New York's five boroughs or Nassau County, choose Summit Select as the partner for all your care needs. Contact our experienced caregivers today and let's explore the care solutions that can be tailored just for you.