Why Summit Home Health Care?

Choosing Home Care in New York City, Brooklyn, the Bronx and Queens can be a highly difficult choice. Its a very competitive field with many agencies and a lot to consider. There are many agencies throughout the city and though all are in the business of helping others, as with anything in life not all things are created equal.

At Summit we believe we do not have competition. Our agency was founded by a Registered Nurse working in the Home care field long before becoming a C.E.O. No other agency we have come across thus far has been able to claim the same. We believe that sets us apart as an agency which genuinely cares about the well-being of our patients before the bottom line. When enlisting the services of a new employee whether it's a new home health aide or a Nurse going into the field the question often asked by our coordinators is “You know me and you know my mother… would you send this person to take care of her?” Simple question, yet it hits at the core truth about what's important to families when choosing Home care for their loved ones.