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At Summit Home Health Care, trust is at the heart of our mission. We are committed to providing personalized home healthcare through highly reliable and compassionate caregivers you can truly depend on. Our team’s dedication to excellence ensures that individuals receive the quality care they deserve, right in the comfort of their homes. With Summit, you’re not just choosing a service; you’re forming a partnership that resonates with trust and compassion. Whether you are a family seeking reliable care for a loved one, a professional referring patients with confidence, or a caregiver looking to join a team where your work truly matters, Summit is here for you.

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Our services

Medical & hospice care
Companion & personal care
Care management & medication management

Enterprise Clinical Data Management Technology

Our cancer data management analytics software drives insights for hospitals and health system cancer programs.
Our insights-driven cardiology clinical data management software spans the National Cardiovascular Database Registry and Society of Thoracic Surgeons offerings.
Our regulatory reporting tool enables immediate access to insights and required reporting for hospitals and health system
Evidence in the results
Rachel Miller

"We couldn't be happier with the aide. She's excellent and takes care of everything. We truly love her!"

Michael Thomas

"I'm really happy with the service. The aide is incredibly helpful and responsible. I feel well taken care of."

Aaron Peterson

"My wife's care has been excellent. The aide is kind and does a really good job. We're both very satisfied."

Sophia Harrison

"I'm so happy with Maria, my aide. I love her and hope she never gets replaced. She's become an essential part of my life."

Tasha Lewis

"The aide is wonderful and awesome. Everything is great, and we're so happy with the service. It's been a blessing for our family."

Jamal Edwards

"My mom's aide is always on time and treats her with respect. We're satisfied with the service and would definitely recommend the agency."

Leah Turner

"The aide taking care of my mom is perfect. We love her and trust her completely. She's become like family to us."

Isaac Bennett

"Everything is all good with our aide. We're happy with her, and she's just perfect. We couldn't ask for more."

Marcus Clark

"I'm so happy with the aide. She's great, and I appreciate the way she takes care of my mom. It's a huge relief for our family."

Rebecca Nelson

"Your services are awesome, and the aides for my grandmom are absolutely wonderful. Michelle has done an excellent job choosing them. We're thrilled!"

Christopher Adams

"The aide is good and does her job very well. She's also a really nice person. I feel comfortable and well cared for."

Naomi Taylor

"We're satisfied with the service, and I've even recommended the agency to friends and family. They've been a great support for us."

Samuel Wright

"The aide is wonderful, and I'm very happy with her services. She's been a great help to my wife and me."

Danielle Foster

"I'm amazed with the service and the aide. She's very kind and helpful. It's more than I ever expected."

Anthony Hayes

"She is the best. I can't imagine my life without her assistance."

Hannah Mitchell

"I love my aide. She's like family to me. I trust her unconditionally."

Latoya Johnson

"She is an Angel. Her presence has brought peace and comfort to our lives."

Yanin C

"I am incredibly pleased with the care provided to my father. The caregiver's attention to detail, punctuality, and warm engagement have truly made a positive difference in our lives. "

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